More Than Just Lawn Care: Pest Control

In the South, bugs are as common as weeds! Dealing with unwanted pests can be frustrating, but we've got you covered. Explore our variety of pest control solutions to enjoy a bug-free living space.

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Our Specialties

Perimeter Pest Control

Prevent pests from entering your home or eliminate them upon entry with our perimeter pest control. 

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Quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly programs are available—choose what suits your needs or budget.

Perimeter Pest Control

Weed Control

Our mosquito control program ensures you can enjoy your yard without the annoyance of 

bites and the risk of diseases. 

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Mosquito Control Program

Turf Pest Fire Ant Control

Don’t let turf pests and fire ants ruin your lawn! Our flagship Vibrant Turf Program includes turf pest and fire ant treatments, along with fertilizer, weed control, and fungicide prevention. Keep your lawn free of turf pests with our Vibrant Turf Program!

Turf Pest & Fire Ant Control

Vibrant Lawns

Our robust signature Vibrant Turf Program includes: + Fertilizer + Turf Weed Control + Turf Pest Control + Fungus Prevention and Treatment + Micro-nutrients and Soil Enhancers We don't nickel and dime you when your lawn needs something. If your technician sees a need (such as additional fungicide or weed control), we take care of it for no additional charge!

Vibrant Turf - 10 Step Program (Fertilizer, Weed Control, Turf Pest, & Fungus Control)

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