Expert Fertilizer and Weed Control, Crafted for Lowcountry Lawns

Fertilizer and proper weed control are vital to the health of your lawn! With so many products to choose from, it can be confusing to know what your lawn needs and when it needs it. Leave that work to us! Our expertly crafted programs deliver exactly what your lawn needs at just the right time. Let us show you why we were voted Best Landscaping/Lawn Care Company in Charleston and Summerville!

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Vibrant Lawns

(Fertilizer, Weed Control, Turf Pest, & Fungus Control)

Our robust signature Vibrant Turf Program includes: + Fertilizer + Turf Weed Control + Turf Pest Control + Fungus Prevention and Treatment + Micro-nutrients and Soil Enhancers We don't nickel and dime you when your lawn needs something. If your technician sees a need (such as additional fungicide or weed control), we take care of it for no additional charge!

Vibrant Turf - 10 Step Program

Flowerbed Weed Control

Flowerbeds need some love too! It's easy for flowerbeds to be overtaken by weeds. Our flowerbed weed control service will keep the weeds at bay and protect the plants that you do want! Don't let weeds be your landscape's main feature. Let us show you why we were voted Best Landscaping/Lawn Care Company in Charleston and Summerville!

Flowerbed Weed Control


Ornamental trees and shrubs are the most beautiful and expensive pieces of your landscape. Our program feeds and protects your plants and keeps your ornamental trees and shrubs healthy and vibrant!

Our program includes: +Fertilizer +Fungicide +Pest prevention and treatment Don't leave your ornamental trees and shrubs to the forces of nature. Let your program protect and feed them so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come!

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program

Core Aeration

Core aeration is important for healthy growth in your lawn. This procedure consists of punching small holes into your yard, improving drainage, and airflow, decompaction of the soil, and allowing water and nutrients to get deep into the roots.

Core Aeration